Passover- menu changes and how it’s going so far

You may remember my 2015 menu plan, written just a few short days ago. It looks great on paper, and I tried not to go too overboard and keep it flexible so we could get what seemed good for the day. But still, I found that things have changed since […]

Dayenu – and our favorite acapella videos for Passover

Here is our latest favorite from the Maccabeats. (Seriously, I think this is our favorite right now – I didn’t wait until the end!) From the Boys Town Jerusalem: And two takes on a popular song out now – which do you like better? (and) Or how about Passover Rhapsody? […]

More tips for traveling with small kids

So I just flew internationally with my 5 kids and no other adults…do I qualify as an expert at this – or maybe just crazy?! It was home to the US for a family wedding, so a really good trip! But over 24 hours door to door, 3 flights, and […]

Passover 2015 menu

It’s that time again! Passover is coming, and I’m making my menu plan. It’s more fun than cleaning! 😉 I make my menu with a lot of flexibility. My seders are both the same  – it’s just my family this year, and by the time the second seder starts around […]

Passover 2015 guides are out!

Passover is really coming now!  There are tons of resources available, and the guides are out. Here are some links for you: 2015 Star-K Passover guide: Free download and other Passover articles CRC Passover 2015 OU Passover 2015 (or download the guide) Rabbi Eidlitz Passover 2015 COR Passover 2015 Seattle Vaad 2015 (Sephardi / Ashkenazi download) West Coast Beit Din […]

Pumpkin Cranberry Pecan muffins

Mmm…these are fantastic – and relatively healthy! I was looking for a good muffin recipe for a playgroup I host, and I had some pumpkin and craisins on hand. I almost put in some coconut as well, but a friend told me shredded coconut makes her think of toenail clippings, and […]

Hanuka resources

Hanuka (Hanukkah / Chanukkah) is only a few days away! In 2014, it begins the night of Dec 16th. Are you ready? Here’s a Hanuka checklist with things you’ll need. Each of the major Jewish websites has its own big Hanuka page with their own links. My favorite is Chabad‘s, […]

Timing everything (project) 1

I’ve been gone for a while, and I keep thinking of fantastic and involved posts…and not writing them. So I’m going to ease back in with some of the things that we’ve done lately. Do you ever give your kids a count that is actually completely inaccurate? I mean saying, […]

The Shabbat project: October 24-25

6 Continents, 35 Countries, 340 Cities, 1 Shabbat – this week!   From LA to London, Melbourne to Moscow, Bondi to Brooklyn, Jerusalem to Johannesburg, Toronto to Tokyo… in every corner of the globe, people are joining the biggest global Jewish unity event the world has ever seen. The Shabbat […]

Sukkot – links, resources, and menu ideas (oh my!)

I hope everyone had an easy and meaningful fast! Now that we’re ended Yom Kippur, we are ready to jump right back into more mitzvot. It’s time to get ready for Sukkot! Sukkot is a harvest festival where we live (eat, some sleep) in booths – flimsy, temporary dwellings with […]