Emergency organization

Please, God, we should never ever need any of this.

But just in case, we have to do our part! An organized home should have precautions and preparations in place for a time of need: power outage or damage following a major hurricane or snowstorm, a flood, a stranded car, a fire…

This section of this site is done for now. Here is a summary (with links) of the pieces of a good emergency preparedness plan:

  • fire alarms with batteries that are regularly checked (Bli Neder, OJH will remind everyone each daylight savings change–sign up for the email on the upper right column!)
  • a carbon monoxide alarm in your home (something like this works well and isn’t too expensive)
  • fire extinguishers in your home (one in the kitchen plus one for sleeping areas, plus one in your emergency kit)
  • knowledge of where your water and gas shut-off valves are (if applicable) and the tools to turn them
  • an escape ladder in you have a second or third story (here is a good one for only about $35)
  • an emergency plan you have rehearsed with your kids
  • emergency cards with necessary information including contact information, allergies, etc.
  • home emergency kit: with water, food, clothing and shoes, medications, etc. (keep it updated, too!)
  • a car emergency kit

It’s uncomfortable to think about and can add up financially, but even preparing some of these things is good. Don’t let a need for perfection trip you up! Get started today and take baby steps. I sure hope we don’t need it, but I feel better knowing that my family and I (and OJH readers!) and well taken care of.

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