Onward! (A month until Passover)


Purim Hamentashen

Purim Hamentashen (Photo credit: slgckgc)

I hope everyone had an awesome Purim. We had a fever and tummy bug with my 3 year old, which made things more tricky, but we muddled through. Everyone had fun, we got to hear the megilla, the kids lightsaber-fought each other all day with no casualties, and it was just a fun day. The Indian seuda went over well with the adults, and the kids enjoyed the pizza they got for dinner.  A good day overall!

Now it’s time to look at Passover. Not a crazy look, but just a look at what needs to get done and start thinking about when you can do it and what you can delegate.

Here’s the OJH master page of all things Passover! (I’ll update it as things become available).

Take a breather after Purim, and then plan back toward your starting day!


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